Upcoming projects…

Bee-Happy 560 – American Graphic Equalizer

Bee-Happy 560 v2.dll

PAS-T-EQ – Passive Tube Equalizer from the PAST


SNOW 73 – Famous British Console EQ Recreation

Snow 73.dll

Y – A Stomp Box that makes it crY


SIMPLE COMP – well… description included in the name

Simple Comp TUBE.dll


See You Soon !


11 réponses à “Upcoming projects…

    • Hello, thanks for your message.
      Unfortunately, since I only work with Flowstone, there is no way to export as AU format and/or for Mac users. And I’m really sorry for that…

  1. A year later, any updates? Long time user of the Bee-Happy 550, I’ve been waiting for the Bee-Happy 560 for a while now… Any chance to see it coming before the end of 2018?

    • Hello, sorry, i’ve been busy with a lot of side projects so i didn’t get too much time to do the releases. Thank you to remind me that i should hurry a bit ! And thanks for your interest !

  2. Hello from Australia, I thought I just say hi and thanks. My favorite is the Bee-Happy 550 with smaller gui. Great sounding EQ.

  3. Hello there!
    Could be great to have your VST for live 10 or 11,
    Dont forget Mac users. Im willing to donate to make it happen.

    • Hello !
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, since madBee::audio plugins are made with Synthmaker, for now, there is no way to get Mac or 64bits VST. This is due to limitations of Synthmaker itself.
      However, you can use a wrapper to get it working in 64 bits hosts like Live 10 or above.
      Have a nice day !

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